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"The Margaery Tyrell who walks into the Sept a fortnight from now will inspire a thousand songs.” (The Lion and The Rose, 4x02)



Telling your son not to “be such a girl” lets his sister who overhears the conversation know that being a girl is not a good thing and she should be sorry and ashamed of herself.

It also reminds your son that being a boy is better than being a girl and therefore he is better than any girl he will ever meet.

In russian if you cry you get called a cabbage. Vote to change “dont be such a girl to “dont be such a cabbage” say I.

this kid trying talk to me about movies but hes only talking about bad consumer movies like im a second year film student donT TRY ME

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2/ moments Perrie Edwards nearly killed me


Stephen King being Stephen King

paramore will be the neighbor that comes over for tea and never leaves.

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